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I present to you a complete text message conversation spanning two days with, well, a jerk.


Let me set the scene: We matched on Tinder and it took me a good bit of messaging back and forth to convince him to come to a special SF Symphony performance involving the NFL for our first date.


Thanks to Fossil Fuels, Carbon Dating Is in Jeopardy. One Scientist.

(This should have been red flag #1 - if a seemingly cool girl invites you to a free NFL/Symphony, thing grow a pair and go. It’s just a few hours of your life.)Days following our outing, which I thought was fun, I received news that my friend Marques had been ed and at that moment, all science stopped, for obvious reasons.

Carbon-14 <strong>dating</strong> scientific technology
Chauvet cave The most accurate timeline yet of who used the cave.

There were a few texts back and forth between me and “Jasonthecoolest” (his name on Tinder, btw) but I got the feeling that this guy was only kinda into me and texted me when it was convenient for him.Online dating services don't work, scientists say - CBS News

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